Matthijs de Hoog, Professor Post Graduate Medical Education, Erasmus MC


Lennart has been instrumental in developing the new teach-the-teacher programme for postgraduate medical education in the Erasmus MC region. He functioned as a bridge between the postgraduate program directors and Desiderius school and managed to integrate the desired functionality into the programme. He is a good listener and team player.

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Claire Wyman, Professor of Moleculair Radiation Biology, Director BSc Nanobiology at Erasmus MC/TU Delft


Lennart was essential in facilitating start-up of the joint BSc Nanobiology between TU Delft and Erasmus MC. As academic director of this program I worked closely with Lennart in the first years of this project including preparation for accreditation. He showed great creativity, skill and energy in bridging two academic institutes and connecting scientists from different discipline “cultures”. His work as facilitator and training faculty members to be able to “speak each others language”, cooperate and work productively together made this complex endeavor successful from the start. He is an insightful psychologist, a pleasure to work with and someone I have learned a lot from.

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Bob Lodder, Senior Scientist at CBS

Bob Lodder

I would like to recommend Lennart Rem for his skillfull executive coaching. He is able to listen carefully to the client and can help solving problems with role playing immediately. Because of his communication skills I got a quick insight in the problem I formulated.

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Matthieu Spekkers, Post Doc TU Delft, Entrepreneur Science in Primary Education, Teacher

Matthieu SpekkersI

I got acquainted with Lennart at the TU Delft, in 2010, he has been an organizer and lead trainer of the PhD Start Up and in the follow up peer group consultations. In 2016 I met him again during a one day training course on personal leadership and career transition, followed up by individual coaching. He is a good listener, challenges and gave me valuable advise in my switch to becoming a teacher in primary education. Moreover he shared his clear vision on entrepreneurship within the educational sector.

Lennart has plenty of experience in working with academics in technology, he coaches based on real expertise, empathy and enthousiasm and his attitude has inspired me and had a positive effect. He triggers professionals to reflect on their professionals qualities and drives. To sum up; he is a very pleasant person to work with.
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