Value your job: play the “Inspiration Game”

Why not take your desire for growth as crucial driver for your career? Play the “Inspiration game” (Bezielingsspel)! It helps you to identify your main motives and personal leadership issues and will lead to:

  • Focus on development desires and application into your daily work
  • Clarity and direction in your drives, work values and qualities
  • Deepened awareness of what “really matters” to you
  • Playfulness, energy, joy and perspective in what you (will) do

The inspiration game lasts 3 sessions; 1.5 hour (clarifying objectives/start game), 1.5 hours (continuing the game/reflecting on application) and 1 hour (monitoring results/prevent relapse). Sessions are held close to the clients’ place of work in het coachhuis, in between contact goes via mail and Skype. A cycle of 3 sessions takes  generally 3-4 months.

Lennart was supervised by the designer of the game: Adriaan Hoogendijk. Read more about career perspectives.*