Development of Professional Teams

You are a team of professionals in need for a sounding board! You are part of a recently merged team, your team faces (too) many challenges, you want an open feedback culture or your team wants a better balance between individuals’ desires and external requirements.

The approach consists of several methods of analysis and intervention:

  • Belbin’s team roles analysis, Kern Kwadranten in teams, Conflicting requirements analysis, Individual values and business purpose
  • Mini presentations (5 min) on personal leadership, dealing with paradoxes, building in time outs/reflection moments, stress responses
  • Exercises: Feedback, Role reversal, Listening & Questioning

Lennart is an academics’ executive coach and has been working for many Highly Skilled Professionals as a trainer & learning advisor/educational consultant. His special interest lies in the field of social psychology; studying processes of feedback & learning, power in supervisor relations,  personal leadership & effectivity and flow/engagement and preventing escalating conflicts and burn-out.

Group Facilitation and Training