Personal Leadership Retreat; speed up by slowing down

Slowing down for a few days, intensively engaging yourself in professional & personal development issues, reinventing the WHY of your work or taking time to listen to soft intuitive signals, merits! A Personal Leadership Retreat in an inspiring natural environment with like minded group members gives inspiration and direction for better balanced decisions and .., A retreat will result in:

  • A sharper focus on desires, mission and on what “really matters”
  • A deeper awareness of your inner journey and systemic influences
  • More energy and flexibility in mind and mood
  • A broader perspective on complex organizational and leadership issues


– Persoonlijk Leiderschap
– Spelen bezielingsspel
– Versnellen door te vertragen
– Inner journey versus systeem analyse/benadering/macht
– Intuïtie als richtsnoer voor loopbaan en complexe vraagstukken
– Taal, levensverhalen, vastzittende..
– Relationele benaderingen (Transactionele analyse,
– “Andere bronnen van zelfbewustzijn”, stem, lichaam, natuur