Leadership Retreat and Career

Zandmoter Huis ter Heijde

Join my English spoken Leadership Retreat, the 10th of July 2020 (9.00 – 17.00), Strandpaviljoen De Staat. The retreat is for free! however participants are asked for a 60 Euro contribution for coffee, lunch & venue! This session is a compilation of the original two days program as described here:


To whom and why?

This retreat is designed for senior professionals. Two days of conscious dedication to your professional & personal ambitions, sources of inspiration and personal leadership skills.

Why? Daily hassles and routines often:

  • consume all your energy, real desires seem to fade away
  • decrease our work pleasure and the quality of our relations
  • prevent us from a pro-active approach in developing ourselves

It is time to slow down; to share intimate feelings in a safe and stimulating environment and refresh your mind by attention and the sea. Clarify your desires, work on your personal leadership skills and prepare yourself for the next step within or outside the current organisation.

Executive Coaching

Program and approach

The retreat pays specific attention to:

  • Exploring desires, the WHY of work, what does “really matter”
  • Reflecting on qualities, obstacles and development ambitions
  • Dealing with sources of energy and flexibility in mind and mood
  • Working on personal leadership issues such as courage, bird eye view, curiosity, intuition
  • Personal decisions and consequences for development & career
  • Solving practical problems and preventing falling back in old patterns

We work with:

  • A card game with qualities and pitfalls
  • Group discussions, reflection in pairs, individual consults
  • Awareness & mindfulness exercises, beach walks
  • Life story telling; exchange of stories
  • Practical exercises and role plays

Practical information

The program consists of five half days (including an evening program day 1), an overnight stay and an individual follow up session. It will take place in Hotel Elzenduin (Ter Heijde aan Zee). All participants will benefit from an orientational conversation (skype for face to face), prior to the retreat.

The fee for participation is 970 Euro including meals & hotel, exclusive VAT. The two days retreat has minimal 4 and maximal 8 participants.

For more information or an orientational session please contact me by mail: lennart.rem@gmail or mobile phone 00-31-22697337