Sessions Academics’ Executive Coaching

Temple of Apollo De Gasper
Asking for a true advice is timeless

Delphi; the centre of the Greek civilization; citizens going for contemplation and consultation with the oracle. In modern social science, the Delphi Method; experts are asked for their opinions in order to develop a robust future scenario.

Delphi is a metaphor for the process of executive coaching; an executive/professional involves himself in a true dialogue on the essence of performance, work-life balance, future possibilities and personal leadership issues.

Academics' Executive Coach

Executive coaching merits! Scientific evidence shows its positive effects, and the corporate sector has embraced it in its leadership development programs for many years. Based on his experience in the profit sector and his training as an executive coach, Lennart has developed Academics’ Executive Coaching for professionals in the innovative academic sector that:

  • work based on rigorous and scientifically proved knowledge
  • work multidisciplinary and methodically
  • have a substantial impact on the life’s op people and society issues
  • experience regularly a steep learning curve
  • have strong conceptual skills and need mental agility
  • expect excellence from college’s and their coach
To whom; senior professionals

Executive Academic’s coaching is intended for senior professionals, in need for an independent sounding board in order to reflect, and be mirrored on, the interrelation between organisational issues and personal drives, values and qualities.

Senior professionals, (co) responsible for a research or educational group, a department or a complex project and constantly switch between professional roles such as (responsible) expert, manager, supervisor, coach, researcher or innovator.

Possible results

Professionals develop “sharpness” on issues such as:

  • connecting, different cultures of working or various interests
  • stimulating of collegial (academical) performance and teamwork
  • create a reflective and challenging learning climate, fostering innovation
  • balance between core tasks such as research, valorization, management, education, primary process
  • personal leadership, balancing diplomacy and directness, result and human orientation
  • dealing with paradoxes such as better care with decreasing budgets, speeding up innovation and developing a culture of “slow thinking”
  • developing intuition in a traditional strong conceptual environment
  • dealing with power, peer supervision, training others and being part of interest issues
  • your personal role in wicked, seemingly unsolvable, problems.
Way of working

Lennart Rem Developing Professionals works with a variety of methods, such as:

  • Role playing
  • Problem analysis techniques and interaction models
  • Leadership Paradoxes
  • Challenging assumptions and beliefs
  • Intuitive approaches
  • Biography writing, life narratives

Lennart combines his expertise as an organizational psychologist, paradigma consultant and executive coach with his broad experience in profit and non-profit sector. He carefully balances evidence based methods with intuitive approaches in fostering change and growth. He intends to be a role model in issues such as personal leadership, slowing down in order to speed up, thinking out of the box and his own inner journey.

You are a senior project manager, policy maker or professional in need for a sounding board! Issues you want to discuss are numerous and interconnected; personal ambitions, performance, life-work balance, experienced emotions and social/power relations. Your sparring partner is an academics’ executive coach; conceptually strong, understanding the challenges of a specialist,  creating safe and inspiring conversations and giving feedback on known and hidden sides of your style.

Average three to five sessions (1.5 hour) are scheduled, combined with reflection assignments in between the sessions. Role playing, life biography writing, observations at the work place, 360 degree feedback and trying out new skills in a multi disciplinair team meeting are examples of methods used. Skype sessions and other forms of online support are available.

Lennart has been working for numerous knowledge intensive organizations as a trainer & learning advisor/educational consultant. His special interest lies in the field of social psychology; studying processes of feedback & learning, power in teams,  personal leadership & effectivity and flow/engagement and preventing escalating conflicts and burn-out.