Personal & Professional Development and Career

  • Academics Executive Coaching

    Clarity in direction and performance?

    The (executive) professional engages in (intuition and) leadership, vitality, power & effectiveness and performance

  • Leadership Retreat

    Speeding up by slowing down?

    Leadership Retreat and career; take time to reflect on your career<br />

  • Inspiration Game

    Travel your inner journey and look ahead?

    Explore learning ambitions, work on leadership and pitfalls, create your development future. Individual or team.

  • Career Carousel

    Visiting your new job, reflect on next step?!

    Visiting different (potential) employers combined with consultations on work values and networking skills<br />

Personal Leadership, Team development and Innovation

  • Training Personal Leadership

    Dealing effectively with change?

    Training module on leading, following and facilitating change, followed up by modules on medical or academical leadership<br />

  • Team development for teams with professionals

    Strengthening the team? Another kind of result!

    A stronger team, or network, by revealing authentic ambitions, feedback on non-effective patterns, leading to long lasting change

  • Proces facilitation

    Innovation in professionalisation? Innovation by learning?

    Facilitation of innovation in learning programs, using professional education to innovate professional performance

  • Teacher, trainer, consultant

    Professionalization and talent development expertise?

    Teacher, educational advisor & trainer; personal leadership and train the trainer (interim and short term contracts)<br />