Academics’ Executive Coaching for Senior Scientists

You are a senior scientist in need for a sounding board! Issues you want to discuss are numerous and interconnected; personal ambitions, performance, life-work balance, experienced emotions and social/power relations. You might have specific objectives such as preparing for the next step in your scientific career or strengthening a specific skill that hinders your current performance.


Your sparring partner is an academics’ executive coach; conceptually strong, understanding the challenges of a senior scientist,  creating safe and inspiring conversations and giving feedback on known and hidden sides of your style.


Average three to five sessions (1.5 hour) are scheduled, combined with reflection assignments in between the sessions. Role playing, life biography writing, observations during presentations, trying out new skills in a team meeting are examples of methods used. Skype sessions and other forms of online support are available.


Lennart has been working for the Academical Technical Sector as a trainer & learning advisor and talent manager. He has been working with scientists, from PhD up to Full Professor level, so he understands the different requirements within the scientific career.