Science & Technology

In the scientific career, rigorous scientific development goes hand in hand with the development of personal leadership & soft skills and an innovative attitude.

This process goes through solely being focussed on your own research, through guiding others (PhD Supervisor) and eventually leading scientific groups/departments. Letting other scientists “shine”, a shift to anticipating external developments and broader society gets crucial, consequently personal leadership, preparing yourself for the next (career) step and innovation & cooperation in network teams gains importance.

Lennart Rem Developing Professionals offers various services based on this experience with talent and leadership development (profit sector) and the supervisory climate (medical sector), services are adapted to the specific needs of the clients.

  • Personal development
  • Academics’ Executive Coaching
    Leadership Retreat
    Career game
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  • Team and innovation
  • Vital and network teams
    Training Personal Leadership
    Facilitation of innovation in education
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Lennart has been an HR consultant/Learning Advisor for the TU Delft and worked as:

  • Secretary for the Rector Magnificus/Board of Professors (appointment of full professors)
  • Trainer for PhD/Post Doc Community (personal leadership, soft skills, peer group consultations, next step in career)
  • Coaching assistant professors, in order to make the step to associate professor
  • Facilitator start up Bachelor Nano Biology (with Erasmus MC,
    Medical Delta)