Personal Leadership as basis for Medical Leadership

Personal Leadership awareness sessions; short (3 hours) sessions in order to explore personal qualities in leading, connect these challenges to clinical leadership and develop new perspectives on addressing issues and problems. Team sessions are offered.
Facilitator and Change agent; initiate, support, implement and “borgen” new themes, curricula and forms of cooperation. Identification of share holders, Inspire and create Momentum, involve key players, develop strategies and create quick wins & visible best practices.
Teamcoaching; explore potential in teams, identify dysfunctional ways of cooperation, assess context challenges, create moments of feedback, develop new methods of cooperation, deal with possible
Lennart combines his expertise as organizational psychologist and executive coach with his broad experience in profit and non-profit sector. He is capable to combine evidence based work with more intuitive approaches in fostering change and growth. He balances his work between organizational challenges and individual drives and capacities. He himself intends to be a role model in issues such as personal leadership, slowing down in order to speed up, self reflection and thorough context analysis and the inner journey of individuals

Talentontwikkeling en passie, pers oonlijk en medisch leiderschap, verbinden van tegenstellingen en paradoxes, thema’s die daarbij spelen als feedback & learning, macht, flow & burnout, individualiseren van opleiding, etc., voorkomen van conflicten en escalaties.