Reform of the Romanian Judiciary

Project Description

The European Commission (EC) launched a series of programs in order to support countries in Central & Eastern Europe to access the European Union. Romania’s entrance in 2007 has been partly based on its progress in reforming its judiciary.

My role: senior consultant/facilitator/coach in the Pre Accession (EC) Phare project for the Romanian Judiciary/National Institute of Magistrates. (2003 – 2005, 2011).

My contributions:

  • Liaise with the SSR, European Commission, Dutch embassy, Romanian Ministry, Legal NGO’.
  • Facilitate sessions on court management for presidents of courts.
  • Facilitate sessions on the strategy of the institute of magistrates.
  • Executive Coaching; project leader and experts
  • Develop training programs with an international team of judges.
  • Training of Trainers; Ethics, European Convention on Human Rights, Competition law, Communication in court.
  • Deputy project leader, managing a team of assistants, reporting on the project
Project Details

Internationale Uitwisseling & Recht, executive coaching, Innovative Learning

Executive coach, Facilitator, Innovation, Trainer