Medical Specialists, Project Bewustzijn Doelmatigheid, OOR Leiden Region

Project Description

The Bewustzijnsproject Doelmatigheid (Efficiency in Residents’ education) is a national project launched by the Ministry of Health, Efficiency has to be introduced into the curricula of the post graduate medical education. This implementation is done by different means such as introducing small improvement project for resident doctors, including Choosing Wisely Research Findings and application in the curricula, teach the teachers and guidelines for educational visitations.

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My contributions in the Leiden Region, as learning advisor/Project Leader:

  • Introducing the concept Efficiency in the different hospitals in the region
  • In a team of resident doctors and medical specialists, develop strategies to implement Efficiency
  • Facilitate meetings, seminars, teach the teachers in order to start up small improvements projects
  • Networking, include new professional groups such as general practitioners in the program
Project Details

Medisch, Innovative Learning

Learning Advisor, Innovation, medical