Forum 2000, Int’l Forum on Human Rights and Globalization. Facilitator and coach

Project Description

Forum 2000, has been established by Vaclav Havel, in order to explore the impact of globalization on a wide range of area’s such as nation state development, global leadership, human rights, business life, art and other societal trends.

Key note speakers: Dalai Lama, Vaclav Havel, Bill Clinton, Simon Peres, Peter Gabriel, Frederique de Clerck. (1999 – 2003)

My contributions:

  • Facilitator at the Students Forum 2000
  • Coach and prepare selected students for their presentations at the Forum 2000
  • Participant at the Forum 2000
Project Details

Internationale Uitwisseling & Recht, Innovative Learning

Facilitator, Sustainability