Medical Specialists

The Dutch Federation of Medical Specialists has launched its ambitions: in 2025, the medical specialistic care in Netherlands will be demonstrable the most innovative, efficient and qualitative car worldwide. PDF file. Healthcare becomes more aware of its future challenges such as institutional challenges (concentration of highly complex care in the academic hospitals), technological changes severely impacting the kind of patient care, costs efficiency while keeping a high level of care, patient-centered care and the importance of the medical specialist as change agent.

Postgraduate medical education has recently joined these discussions in order to prepare its residents for the future by themes such as Medical Leadership, Efficiency in Care, Shared Decision Making and Care for vulnerable, aging patients (Can Better) In general, hospitals are paying more attention to:

Team learning and performance, developing team competences, supervisor-peer relations
Clinical leadership, influencing others, cooperation with other departments
Improving Efficiency in health care, for instance by starting up small improvement projects
Empowerment and Engagement of Residents for their own education and future profile
Medical specialists and new future roles; change agent, facilitator of care processes
Lennart has significantly contributed to these developments in working for the Erasmus MC (Rotterdam), VUMC/AMC (Amsterdam) and LUMC (Leiden) and their regions. In his role as trainer/consultant/change agent & coach, he carried out activities such as

Trainer; Teach the Teachers for Medical Specialists (Educators) and their residents (AIOS).
Develop, in co-creation with specialists and aios, tailor made programs specifically focussing on supervisor & peers; feedback, power, life-work balance, generation issues.
Facilitate the implementation of new curricula and themes. Develop and implement the Dedicated Schakeljaar (VUMC-AMC), Implement Efficiency and EPA’s in the Leiden – The Hague region. Change agent and cooperation between institutes
Facilitate feedback sessions between specialists and residents (Effect interventions)
Consultancy; leadership of educational groups, professional development medical specialists, clinical & personal leadership
Coaching of aios and specialists; making feedback work in supervision style, performance and career
Lennart Rem Developing Professionals offers:

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Developing Professionals heeft zich onder meer gespecialiseerd in:

medische en persoonlijk leiderschap
doelmatigheid zorg in de opleiding
(sociaal) psychologische topics: macht en feedback, bevlogenheid & burn out, work-life bal ance, feedback en leren
Als organisatie psycholoog een gedegen basis als veranderkundige, omgaan met weer stand en persoonlijke kwaliteiten inzetten om verandering succesvol te laten zijn.
Als executive coach op dieper niveau bezig zijn met talentontwikkeling en passie, pers oonlijk en medisch leiderschap, verbinden van tegenstellingen en paradoxen
Koppeling tussen organisatorische verandering en persoonlijke verandering en thema’s die daarbij spelen als macht, flow & burnout, individualiseren van opleiding, etc., voorkomen van conflicten en escalaties.
Medisch Leiderschap vanuit persoonlijk en authentiek leiderschap!


Academics' Executive Coaching for Specialists

Personal & Medical Leadership

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Team coaching for specialists' teams

Becoming a facilitator and change agent

Consultant innovative learning projects