Medical Specialists

In 2025 the medical specialist care in the Netherlands aims to be among the most innovative, efficient and qualitative care worldwide, according to the ambitions formulated by the Dutch Federation of Medical Specialists. The profession will pay more attention to work values such as compassion, courage and vitality and the specialist needs to take new roles such as directing care processes, coach, team player and change manager.
Lennart Rem Developing Professionals combines his post graduate medical education experience with expertise on leadership and talent management (profit sector) and innovation (academic-technological sector). The presented services are examples and will be adapted and tailored to the specific client needs.

  • Individual development
    • Executive Coaching for medical specialists
    • (Personal) Leadership Retreat
    • Inspiration game: develop & doubt (residents and specialists)

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  • Team development and innovation
    • Vital and adaptive medical teams
    • Training Personal Leadership and future skills medical specialist
    • Educational consultancy and innovation in professional education

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Lennart has been working for the Erasmus MC (Rotterdam), VUMC/AMC (Amsterdam), he currently works for the OOR Leiden on Efficiency in the post graduate education. He carried out programs such as:

  • Teach the Teachers for specialists (supervisors) and their residents
  • Tailor made programs; supervisor & peer feedback, power in teams, life-work balance, generation issues
  • Quality Care Intervention; D-Rect, Effect (moderating feedback meetings)
  • Leadership of educational groups
  • Innovative Educational Projects; Dedicated Schakeljaar, Medical Leadership, Efficiency (Doelmatigheid), EPA’s, etc