International Judiciary and law, human & environmental rights

The Hague locates many international organizations in the field of international – law, cooperation and human rights. A variety of professionals are working for NGO’s, Ministries and European/UN bodies on multiple projects and careers. The process of knowledge transfer & exchange, strategical cooperation between institutes and capability development of staff members are issues of importance.

Lennart Rem Developing Professionals offers these organizations and their professionals services in the field of personal-, professional and leadership development and team development and career perspectives.  His expertise in leadership & talent development (profit sector) is combined with his experience in the international judicial and human & environmental rights sector. Products are adapted and aligned to the specific customer requirements:

  • Individual development
    • Academics’ Executive Coaching (senior professionals/projectleaders)
    • Personal Leadership Retreat
    • Career Perspectives; value current job and next step

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  • Professional training,team development and innovation
    • Training of trainers
    • Facilitation of conferences
    • Team development

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Lennart has significantly contributed to developments in this field by working for:

  • Romania’s accession in 2007; Phare Judiciary project, European Union
  • Strengthening the rule of law; Netherlands Helsinki Committee
  • Sustainable development & environment in Eastern Europe; Milieukontakt International
  • Forum 2000 in Prague; forum on globalization and human consequences

See the portfolio for a detailed describtion: