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You are a (team of) professional, performing at the crossroads of academical excellence, innovation and impactful work for the society & its individuals. You are eager to work on your professional and personal development and appreciate reflection, both on individual and team performance. You are curious about what makes change (or people) happen and you want to contribute to that.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Group Facilitation and Training

Group Facilitation and Training

Group Facilitation and Training




Words and Stories

Words and stories shape our lives. A true dialogue literally creates space, space to breath, speak and experience differently. New perspectives will appear and unforeseen directions will emerge. Whether is is about personal narratives or organizational culture & language

Explore intuition and play!

Intuition is about rediscovering soft, inner signals that might be covered. Playing helps to recover lightness, wonder and innocence in work & life. Humor and experimenting loosens ..and By role-playing, .. or simply by ..

Scientific Evidence

Science, wether it is more evidence based such as in (social) psychology, organizational & leadership development research, or in Philosophy, post modernistic organizational studies, have a lot to offer in exploring mechanisms of change, growth and innovation

Concentric Circles

Whether you go from Global, via National to Institution, Team & Individual Performance, or inside, Behavior, Beliefs, Qualities, Values and Professional Flow, Concentric Circles Help

Embrace Diversity

Differences count and make professional life attractive, challenging and sometimes difficult. Cultural differences, Professional Discourses between different professional groups, Cooperation between different Institutes or age groups, Learning about differences Enriches

Feedback and collegial Learning

Feedback, from multiple sources, top-down & bottom up; feedback is the ``motor`` of collegial learning and source for improvement. Interpret, channel & connect it to the person is the role of the executive coach

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