Consultant innovative projects in medical specialists’ training

Since 2006, post graduate medical education in Netherlands has undergone major innovation. National projects such as Invivo (try out new concepts, methods and skills), MMV (2010, national implementation), Can Better and its follow up activities. This has led for instance to new ways of organizing educational groups, new ways of inter collegial assessment (visitaties), competency based education for junior doctors and attention for PDCA (quality improvement) cycles.

Lennart significantly contributed to these developments by developing and implementing these innovations within the academical hospitals Erasmus MC (Rotterdam), VUMC/AMC (Amsterdam) and LUMC (Leiden) and their regions.

In his role as trainer/consultant/change agent & coach, he carried out activities such as:

  • Teach the Teachers for Medical Specialists (Educators) and their younger colleagues (AIOS)
  • Tailor made programs specifically focussing on supervisor & peers; feedback, power, life-work balance, generation issues. Facilitate feedback sessions between specialists and residents (Effect interventions)
  • Training and consultancy on leading educational groups, professional development medical specialists
  • Implement new curricula (Dedicated Schakeljaar VUMC-AMC) and themes (Efficiency, EPA’s, LUMC) in role as change agent

2016 hebben zijn de medische vervolg opleidingen; de opleiding tot medisch specialist, gemoderniseerd via een groot aantal nationale ontwikkelingen en projecten. Er is veel aandacht geweest voor de organisatie van de opleidingen, niet medische competenties voor aios (canmeds), kwaliteitszorg binnen de opleidingen en de professionalisering van de opleiders middels teach the teachers.

In zijn rol als consultant/onderwijskundig adviseur heeft Lennart onder meer:

  • Teach The Teacher voor opleiders en leden van de opleidingsgroep ontwikkeld en uitgevoerd
  • Maatwerkmodules  voor opleidingsgroep ontwikkelt, veelal op vlak van feedback
  • Advies over en implementeren van beleidsnotities over opleidersprofessionalisering
  • Ontwikkeling van kwaliteitscyclus en inzetten van instrumentarium als D-Rect

Sterke interesse voor samenwerking tussen opleidingsgroepen en/of isntituten, zoals de Invoering van het schakeljaar, samenwerking 2 UMC’s, grote veranderkundige component en procesbegeleiding van samenwerkingsproces.

Continue bijscholen op vlak van ontwikkelingen zoals Entrusted Professional Activities (EPA’s) in curriculum…

Lennart combines his expertise as organizational psychologist and executive coach with his broad experience in profit and non-profit sector. He is capable to combine evidence based work with more intuitive approaches in fostering change and growth. He balances his work between organizational challenges and individual drives and capacities. He himself intends to be a role model in issues such as personal leadership, slowing down in order to speed up, self reflection and thorough context analysis and the inner journey of individuals

Talentontwikkeling en passie, pers oonlijk en medisch leiderschap, verbinden van tegenstellingen en paradoxes, thema’s die daarbij spelen als feedback & learning, macht, flow & burnout, individualiseren van opleiding, etc., voorkomen van conflicten en escalaties.