Way of working

Words and Stories

Words and stories shape our lives. A true dialogue literally creates space, space to breath, speak and experience life differently. New perspectives will appear and unforeseen directions will emerge. Whether these are about personal narratives or organizational culture & language.

Explore intuition and play

Intuition is about rediscovering soft, inner signals that might be hidden somewhere. Playing helps to recover lightness, wonder and innocence in work & life. Humor and experimenting detaches you from daily routines and rigid procedures.

Little fox enjoying life, Kim Keijzer

Science and evidence

Science, wether it is more empirical based as in (social) psychology, organizational & leadership development research, or in philosophy (post modern organizational studies is well grounded and has a lot to offer in exploring mechanisms of change, growth and innovation

Systems thinking and inner journeys

Considering change means connecting systems thinking (society, organizational, teams) with your most personal inner journey. The challenge is to change the lens, alternate among diverse perspectives and create space for expressing your (intimate) personal mission in complex organizational systems.

International flags
Embrace diversity

Differences count and make professional life attractive, challenging and sometimes difficult. Cultural differences, different professional groups using different discourses or cooperation between different Institutes or age groups. Overcoming these differences leads to richer forms of cooperation and qualitative better results.

Feedback and collegial learning

Professionals are often good learners. By creating a feedback culture, stimulating asking for and giving feedback, feedback becomes the “motor“ for collegial learning and improvement.