Personal Leadership

"Know yourself"

Personal Leadership helps to understand how professionals deal with challenges, seek for opportunities and initiate change. It deals with the explorative component; investigating your drives, reflecting on your personal narratives or analyzing your organizational culture. And it goes into the active component; ways to effectively influence others, taking charge of your career and start up new projects. In essence this means getting to know about yourself in new circumstances, transform your pitfalls, grow and develop as a competent change agent.

Organisational Leadership

Organizational Leadership (Medical, Academical) pre-supposes well developed personal leadership. Knowing who you are in order to develop and co-create a new direction with others. A crucial skill is the ability to balance between, and bridge, polarities; result orientation with attention for the human process, innovation with an eye for the gains from the past. Additional, experience in connecting with others by tapping into their talent is crucial in common learning and innovation among professionals.

Personal Leadership and values

Personal Leadership goes into what is valuable; what is important to you, what is important to others and how do you consider “stretching” values such as courage, compassion and dignity. In essence, doing the right things, beside doing things right. And it helps to “gear” among polarities:

  • Speeding up and slowing down
  • Think & experience within your culture of thought versus tak and create a different perspective
  • A rational lineair approach and an intuitive sequential way of doing


Theoretical background and methods
  • 7 criteria for effective leadership (Covey)
  • Up to data evidence based knowledge on neuro psychological processes and development; de-focus & focus, compassion and success
  • Giving and taking in social relations (Adam Grant)
  • Dealing with leadership paradoxes (Fons Trompenaars and Lennette Schuijt)
  • Paradigmatic consulting (Edu Feltman)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Theorie and training; effective and nun functional thinking
  • Lifo; certified training on styles of communication in teams