Lennart Rem Developing Professionals is a sounding board for professionals when it comes to personal, professional & team development, and innovative educational projects. My organization appreciates the strengths of current professionals and wants to contribute to innovative, human organizations and flourishing/vital professionals….

The future of professional organizations

Professional organisations will be challenged to respond to, seemingly paradoxical demands such as competition and agility on the one hand and knowledge sharing in networks on the other hand.

Consequently, professionals are expected to reflect on these issues, co-create in developing their organization and find new balances between innovation, cooperation, employee engagement and financial stability.

Professionals in the lead

In order cope with these challenges, professionals will have to work on a mindset of change and on personal leadership skills. This includes contemplating on your own career and making steps accordingly. Teams need reflection on their team qualities, (personal) development wishes and insight into how each individual deals with change.

Exchange among different professional groups

Whether you are a scientists, a medical doctors, a judges, a financial specialists or a policy maker, you have a lot in common: a profound knowledge based profession, a high level of professional application, responsibilities for people’s life and the future of society  and an attitude of life-long learning.

Lennart Rem Developing Professionals beliefs the exchange between different professional groups enriches their performance. Exchange of best practices in learning, education & innovation can lead to out of the box solutions. Reflecting on mindsets of leadership and change might illuminate alternative perspectives applicable for similar issues.

Appreciate the qualities of professionals:

• Intellectual-, conceptual and critical thinking
• Scientific innovations and the desire to develop as a professional
• Collegial learning by debating and exchanging best practices
• Perseverance, hard work and dedication
• International orientation
• Taking responsibility and impacting people’s life

However, extra attention to:

• Contemplation, reflection, “silence” in the brain
• Intuition, awareness of real desires, human and works values
• Out of the box thinking, out of the own discipline
• Cooperation, with other disciplines, professional groups or institutes
• Entrepreneurship, risk taking, added value to the society
• Personal Leadership

Lennart Rem Developing Professionals aims to

• Slow down thinking & human processes in order to truly innovate
• Work on the organizational systems and (individual) inner journeys
• Highlight personal leadership, mindfulness and paradoxical thinking
• Facilitate multi disciplinary groups and connections between professional groups