Innovative Learning Projects

Innovation; an inspiring challenge or an unpleasant obligation

Science based and other knowledge intensive organizations initiate change, start new disciplines or create innovative learning programs. Hospitals merge and have to integrate separate educational groups. Society promotes new developments and new concepts have to be introduced into existing training programs.

Professionals are by nature curious and eager to learn, especially when it comes to their professional development. Sometimes however, change is perceived as “another must from the outside world”. And┬ádeeply routed professional practices and cultures of working do not easily change.

Change management, facilitating change in co-ownership with professionals, is the key to succes. Only common approaches will work.

Innovative Projects in (Post Graduate) Education and HR

Lennart has taken his role as facilitator in many projects, often at the crossroads of Human Resource Management, Learning/Education and Innovation. Examples are support in the development of an innovative Bachelor Nano biologie (TU Delft – Erasmus MC), Global HR Curriculum for the ABN Amro Bank and the implementation of Efficient Health Care in Post Graduate Education (LUMC, Leiden).

  • Create Learning Networks, connect people willing and capable to innovate
  • Connect different departments, create awareness and bridge different cultures
  • Talent development; intend to find and create tasks challenging to members
  • Work within and outside of the common frame of thinking and acting
  • Lennart as a person is curious, analytical and quick in learning complex matters
  • Combine Strategic Advising and going for quick wins