Next Step Career Carousel

You have a PhD or Post Doc position and intend to explore career opportunities outside of academia. You want to go beyond internet searching or writing application letters but you are aware it means making a step into a another sector, with new functions, other requirements and other cultures of working.


The  Next Step Career Carousel exists of a serie of 6 meetings (3 hrs per meeting) with a double purpose: meeting potential future employers and working on personal leadership issues in your career. Participants select 5 potential employers, and organise a one hour meeting at the venue of the organization. This meeting could include an interactive presentation with a scientist, an interview with a manager or a discussion with a recruiter or HR staff member.


The remaining 2 hours will be spend on issues such as:

  • Work values; what is really important for you in your work, how to prioritize
  • Dreaming about your future job; images of your new job
  • Personal Leadership; how do you take charge of your future
  • Networking; skills for networking, role plays with networking conversation
  • Practical; do’s en don’ts in applying and interviews

Skype sessions and other forms of online support are available.


Lennart has been working for the Academical Technical Sector as a trainer & learning advisor and talent manager. He has been working with medior – senior researchers (PhD up to Full Professor level) and delivered several programs In Charge of your Career.