Career Perspectives

Time for change?

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. Quote: Steve Jobs

Be brave, follow your heart and intuition, and question yourself

How do you create a balance among reflection and action? Which “hidden” ambitions deserve more attention? What stories and images do you have about your future work and private life? What would you “intuitively” like to do? Do you experience some of your childhood dreams in your work? How do you evaluate your qualities and pitfall, and what feedback did you receive them? What do you need to make a next step in your current or a new environment? Is this really what you want?

Slow down in order to speed up!

Take a break, step out of the daily hassles in order to sense the broader picture, spend time on clarifying hidden wishes, go for your inner journey and come to closer to who you really are. Demanding working environments make it often difficult to come in touch with your intuition and future dreams. Time and space dedicated to contemplation on your career is invaluable! And a form of career coaching might help to slow down deeper and speed up faster.

Career Transition

A career transition might mean you make a step by adding value to your current job; you feel more energetic, sense a natural focus, perceive a development perspective or better understand the WHY of your job.

You might want to move up to a more senior professional position, often requiring less “more of the same” and more “doing things totally different”; reaching  success in a political arena, leading a complex team or being confronted with demands.

Career transitions often go hand in hand with hurdles, unexpected experiences and  challenges to fine tune personal ambitions, labor market opportunities and life-work balance issues. in making your current job more fulfilling by Staying in your current position and iand challenges. Being capable to step into a new environment, whether in the same organization or in a new one, will nearly always ask more:

Lennart Rem Developing Professionals

  • Courage and Risk Taking; stepping into the unknown
  • Accelerated Learning
  • Awareness of and letting go old patterns and habits
  • Networking; learning, being supported and convince new people
    Once settled in your new role, you will most probably be more involved in:
    budgeting & financial responsibilities
    improving procedures, however at a higher levels within the organization
    supervising younger collegues, education
    implementing new technological, IT or other future..
    Clarifying your (hidden) wishes, ambitions, intuitions and qualities
    Clarifying (future) requirements, roles and expectations
    Developing personal leadership qualities needed for every form of career transition
    Develop an action plan; steps to take in order to facilitate career transition
    The role of the coach varies, depending on the stage; co-exploring, listening to hidden and unverbalized wishes, encourage, keep the coaches on track, confront with illusionary self perception & overlooked feedback,
Lennart Rem Developing Professionals

Lennart himself has experienced this process numerous times; leaving a job and experiencing grief and loss, exploring fundamentally different organizations, dealing with financial uncertainty, enjoying network talks…So besides his content expertise on personal leadership and career transitions, he is an EXPERIENCE EXPERT, a Professional Friend with enough Distance to Create Change.
Product Description:
– Approach: sessions; 3 – 5, including Skype, online exercises, homework
– Form: One to One, or small (intervision/peer group consultation) group