Passion for Change

My passion is human development and change. This passion is best symbolized by the alchemist. In the middle ages, alchemists intended to transform metals into gold; currently, the alchemist is a metaphor for personal growth and transformation. Additionally it stands for a balance between evidence based scientific results in the external world (new materials, models and health solutions) and knowledge and wisdom gained by “turning inward” (awareness of authentic desires, intuition, overcoming inner obstacles and human values).

Room for Contemplation

In my way of working, I offer room for contemplation and free thinking, both in groups and in individual conversations. A true dialogue on what people really want. Eyes start to twinkle, minds open up and intuitive signals appear into the consciousness. I intend to listen by heart, hear the silence among words and challenge assumptions. This creates perspective, energy, focus and a connection among people and room for authenticity.

Society impact and innovation

I have been “traveling along” with many extraordinary professionals:
• Environmentalists who advocate for cleaner rivers and sustainable development
• Judges who attempt to transform the judicial system
• Scientists who are creating innovative Bachelor Nano biology
• Medical doctors who incorporate residents’ feedback into their professional attitude

By supporting professionals in remaining balanced, open minded, effective professionals who are in charge of their careers, I intend to contribute to a more human and innovative society.

Life as a dance

Life as a dance stands for the connection and harmony between people. Tango more specifically means leading and following at the same time, in subtile interaction with the other and in line with the music. Being a sounding board means, to me, joining in with the movement and emotions and giving these a twist.

Hella de Wit

Remain sharp

In order to live mindfully, balanced and focussed, I:
• Enjoy walking along the beach, experience solitude and connect with nature
• Visit art exhibitions in order to think outside of the box
• Dance and run to stay in touch with the body and emotions
• Spend my life/time with my wife Dana and daughter Daria and visit friends, share love, experience belonging.

Sounding board for professionals

Change and Development have been an integral part of my professional life.
I have lived and worked in Prague and Bucharest, changed my jobs many
times, either voluntarily or against my wish, and consequently I have experienced uncertainty. I have worked with many different teams and training groups and had to learn about new working cultures. And this how I have been growing, once a small sensitive boy with dreams, now an adult professional who intends to live his dream. By sharing my experience, refining my expertise and developing my company: Lennart Rem Developing Professionals – “a sounding board for professionals”